We’re Bleppo, also known as Mark and Samuel, and we make games. We’re childhood friends who grew up playing PC games and doing crosswords, both of which have hugely shaped our attitude towards making mobile games.

We believe mobile games are a brilliant and accessible form of gaming, and should be subject to the same design and monetisation principles as other platforms. We want our games to be inexpensive, challenging and fun - not focused on getting a small number of users hooked on addictive in-app purchases, or on serving as many ads as possible.

We believe that games should aim to be entertaining, rather than simply addictive. They shouldn’t monopolise a user’s time forever; they should be finite, like a good story. Or, when they offer infinite content, it should be designed to be consumed in small bites, rather than gorged on uncontrollably.

We want our users to enjoy themselves, not simply spend as much money as possible. We don’t want our games to be play2win, or full of loot boxes and incentives to spend in-game currency. The dopaminergic grind may be addictive and profitable for developers, but we don’t believe all games need to be designed like that.

Our first game is steks - a mobile puzzle game that’s a bit like Tetris meets Jenga.

Try the free demo here, or download it on Android or iOS.

Our latest game is Word Salad - a daily word puzzle that’s like a word search bitten by a radioactive crossword.

Play it online here, or download it on Android or iOS.